Get involved!

A snapshot of what the guidelines look like: the link can be found in the third step!

We're so excited that you are interested in getting involved! Currently we are looking for teen writers who would like to educate others about cyber security by writing articles, and/or be a part of our magazine issue. Sign up here. Once you sign up and start writing, you are officially a member of the team. Congratulations :)

Here's what the process of publishing your work will look like!

Please note our Honesty & Integrity policy: Borrowing from intellectual property of others is wrong on many levels. Plagiarism is a serious offense and will not be acceptable. Please cite all your sources and give proper credit.


Brainstorming & putting pen to paper!

Time to get your thinking cap on and your pencils sharpened (or your keyboard at the ready). Brainstorm and generate an idea for your article--it can be anything cyber-security related. Next, output your thoughts into a organized and cohesive article that will explain the concepts clearly to someone who is hearing your topic for the first time.

Feedback -- editing time!

Now, it's time to revise. Editing is a crucial process for any writing process! We will have one editor per article, so you will swap writing and do peer-to-peer review. You may also show it to friends & family-- anyone you want!

Once you feel you have a polished draft, which follows all the proper guidelines (see here), submit your work to the Google Classroom. Our team will take a quick look at the work to confirm adherence to the formatting and for quality content production.
Publish: See your works live and out in the world!

After you have finished steps 1 and 2 and turned in your final copy of the article, you're good to go. Your article will be out on the website shortly, within a week or two. Do a little victory dance---you did it!