About Us

Who we are:
Welcome to Cyber Student Crew (previously Project Cyber)! A global platform for cybersecurity-minded teens, this initiative was started with the goal of inspiring more of today’s young generation to talk about their take on the security of the online world, increasing critical thinking about the digital security problems facing people everywhere, and fostering teamwork through increased communications between the youth hoping to take on tomorrow’s infosec concerns. Join us as we create the first-ever cybersecurity magazine run by members, publish articles about topics on the security side of the digital world, create fun games, and much more as a "for teens, by teens" online community!

Interested in becoming a part of this exciting initiative? Awesome! Please fill out a quick google form linked here (form also found at https://tinyurl.com/Join) and join our google classroom to become a member. We’re looking for people in middle school/junior high (grades 6-8) to those in high school (9-12) to become our magazine contributors and college and older to become our advisors! Click here to learn more about how you can get involved! For any questions, please email rksmissionpossible@gmail.com.

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About our founder:

Rajvi Khanjan Shroff is a first year college student with a passion for cybersecurity! With digital security becoming increasingly important, it is critical that we start to educate ourselves and become cyber-smart, and this should start with today’s youth having the opportunity to take action on this regard internationally. Thus, Cyber Student Crew (previously Project Cyber) was born. With this initiative, she hopes that teens all around the world will have the ability to be a part of a strong digital community centered around infosec, the first of its kind.

Her portfolio includes:

* SANS Pen Test HackFest Summit 2020 @ Night Keynote Speaker, talk titled Hack Your Kids: The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Practitioners (link)

* SANS Cybercamp for Teens Presenter, talk titled Cracking the Mystery: Quantum Cryptography and The Future of Cybersecurity (Presentation video: link, link to slides: link)

* Delivered a technical skills talk on Cryptography and the Internet for the SANS New To Cyber Summit, titled "The Nuts & Bolts of Cryptography & Everyday Cybersecurity" (Presentation video: link, link to slides: link)

* Conference Speaker with the Linux Foundation @ Open Source Summit 2021 (https://www.linuxfoundation.org/), Cloud Security: The Beauty of Open Source (link: link)

* Spoke at KringleCon. Link to video about Xmas Scanning with Nmap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1vc5yDUeiE

* Her Youtube channel: Link (also found at https://tinyurl.com/cybermissionpossible) & writings on Medium about info sec: https://medium.com/@rksmissionpossible

* Cyber Arts Camp Hacker Simulator Instructor for teens (https://www.cyberartscamp.org/)

* Invited to ask NATO's panelist & author Ms. Nina Jankowicz a question in the "Digital Dialogue on the Gender Infodemic: Data, Disinformation and a Digital Future" event, to represent the GirlSecurity organization

* Started her own infosec and chess club in middle school (8th grade)

* Came in at the top 3 (states rank) in Girls Go CyberStart, a national competition for cybersecurity & was named a High Scorer National Cyber Scholarship Finalist in the CyberStart America competition

For a full resume, please contact her at rksmissionpossible@gmail.com

Our Awesome Advisor!

Angela Marafino is currently focused on 2 aspects of cybersecurity: email security and community building in her career and outside of her capacity as a Program Manager at Microsoft. She is the COO of the non-profit organization Women of Security & is Co-Organizer of the WoSEC Seattle Chapter, as well as WeAreHackerz CFO, Co-host of the Focal Point podcast on the ITSP Magazine podcast channel, The Hacker Book Club moderator, proud mentor, humble mentee, dog & cat mom, world traveler, avid reader, and foodie! @MegatronAL on Twitter.

Thank you so much to all her help :)

Our members:

Rhea Jethvani

Hi! My name is Rhea Jethvani and I am a junior at Oxford Academy, in Cypress, CA, interested in pursuing CyberSecurity, specifically DevSecOps Engineering. I have taken several classes at my local community college in the fields of computer networking, cloud computing, and Information Technology security and achieved a multitude of CompTIA and Cisco industry credentials. In my spare time, I volunteer at technology camps to teach younger students concepts of Artificial Intelligence and CyberSecurity. At school, I am the current Co-President of the CyberPatriot Club, Co-Index Editor for our yearbook, and Treasurers for both National Honors Society and our coding club. I have had the honor to present my astrophotography work at the National Air and Space Museum, in Washington D.C., and address Harvard-Smithsonian delegates at the Smithsonian Castle of Commons.

Rohan Nunugonda

Rohan Nunugonda is a high school junior in NJ interested in exploring the intricacies of Computer Science, along with tackling all of the challenges that come along with that. Apart from intense Smash Bros Ultimate, Breath of the Wild, and Fire Emblem on his Nintendo Switch, he loves to work on building his cybersecurity skills and sharing that knowledge with his community. As the leader of his school’s CS Club, Rohan has promoted cybersecurity and SANS CyberStart America through writing articles, leading workshops, and giving presentations. He has had the opportunity to help host PeddieHacks, a 24-hour high school virtual hackathon where anyone interested in designing and creating a product can come together and work to find a solution to a given prompt. Rohan hopes to continue sharing his passion for cybersecurity with Project Cyber.

Adishree Das:

My name is Adishree Das [girl]. I'm in 6th grade, heading to 7th. I first got introduced to coding when I was 7, I started with Java and continued learning additional languages. So far, I have learned JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and SQL. My dad works in the cyber-security field, and during quarantine, I got to learn about his job in cyber-security. This caught my attention as I also have heard news about hackers all the time. Everything is connected to the Internet (cars, devices, etc) and we need to protect them. This year I attended a SANS Cyber Camp to learn more about cyber-security. I want to explore more in this field and learn as much as possible and go to a school such as Stanford and MIT to gain knowledge and experience. I think my generation should get ready and familiar with cyber-security.

Manishita Das:

Hi! I'm Manishita Das. I'm a teen who has been coding since age 9, and I'm new to cybersecurity. I hear my dad talking about cybersecurity all the time. In my free time, I like to look up the terms he mentions, such as IoT, and data exfiltration. I am always interested in learning more about everything. I think it is alarming that people give away so much information about themselves on the internet. In addition, it is frightening how easy it is to hack things, which is why I try to learn as much as I can about cybersecurity so that I can be safe online and be prepared to go to a school like Stanford or MIT, and get a job in this field. With nearly everything getting connected to the Internet, from things like your fridge to your car, and with more people having access to the Internet each day, I think that it is more important than ever to take the necessary precautions to help us stay safe and secure online.

Marie Ramirez:

My name is Marie Ramirez and I am currently a sophomore. I have been a part of CyberPatriots since 8th grade, and I am the secretary for my high school's Cyber Security Club. I am also involved in Qubit by Qubit, which is a quantum computing course. My favorite part of Cyber Security is learning to defend my computer from malicious electronic attacks because I know there are consequences of someone breaking into my computer.

Atom Ramirez:

I am an aspiring programmer that is currently in high school. I started the Cybersecurity Club at my school where we teach about cybersecurity and why it is so important in the future. We also participate in Cyber Patriots which is a nationwide competition on cyber defense. This all started through my interest of computers which was influenced and encouraged in my household.

Isaiah Fuerstenau:

I am in 11th grade. I am interested in the military and cyber security. I completed Idaho Codes 2020, achieved over 40% of CyberStart America, finished the National Cyber Scholarship competition, and am halfway through SANS foundations course. I understand and can write in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I am working on learning Python programing language.

Chana Aspir:

I'm an 11th grader who loves learning. I got into cybersecurity going into my freshman year of high school but I've had an interest in coding since I was in 6th grade. I participated in Girls Go Cyberstart in 9th grade and most recently qualified as a finalist in Cyberstart America in 10th grade. I plan on starting a cybersecurity club at my school this coming year. I love Linux and I am currently learning to code in Python which is really interesting and challenging. When I am not learning cybersecurity I love to read and play the flute.

Ana Batranović:

I'm Ana, I'm currently a high-school student based in Serbia. I'm a little obsessed with cyber and I love learning as much as I can about it. I'm disabled, accessibility and representation in the tech industry is very near and dear to my heart and I hope to do my part to make this industry a comfortable place for all. I also recently made a website: https://anabatranovic.tech