Ideas to add to your Cyber Bucket List

Now that summer is in full swing, here are some great cybersecurity podcasts, movies, books, and events to add to your Cyber To Do List!

Here is what some of Cyber Student Crew (previously Project Cyber) members had to say:

  • Ana Batranović - "I'm looking forward to listening to more Darknet Diaries and reading the Hacker Tribe book series."

  • From a poll I created titled: "STEM / Cyber To Do List, what are you looking forward to the most?" on our Google Classroom, where the options were:
    • Watching STEM / cybersec MOVIES
    • Reading STEM / cybersec BOOKS
    • Listening to STEM / cybersec PODCASTS
    • Other? Comment :)
Many, including Chana Aspir, said that they were interested in reading cybersecurity books!